Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Cry of Earth

For the existence of human life air, water and soil etc are essential. In ancient days man lived in this earth eating the fruits from forests , drinking the water from streams and breathing fresh and pure air .Man was fully dependent on nature and natural resources on that days. Their belief was that the sun , earth and nature are their all in all.

Years passed and man developed. The pace of development increased with scientific inventions .Gradually the thoughts and activities of man also began to divert. His slavery mind slowly changed to mastery mind. Now it had reached hegemonical mind. He is digging his own grave.

The greedy and thoughtless man does not care the resources in nature in his struggle. Many resources are getting demolished and destroyed. In his greedy mind he has no time to think about the other creatures that use this resources. He also doesn’t think about the coming generation of his own. He lives for today in a luxurious manner without thinking about tomorrow .In this bogus life he pollutes natural resources around him, cuts down trees and even changes the biological structure of soil. He had forgot his responsibility. So it is high time to think about the destructions that man makes to nature.

One of the great problem is the pollution of air. Thousands of vehicles eject tones of smoke to air. Also various factories emit poisonous smokes to air. The population growth increases the production and thereby increased pollution. For acquiring different life amenities man exploits earth cruelly. The oil and coal deposit of earth is found to be decreasing tremendously and man doesn’t think about an alternative. This lack of foresight will lead to many many serious problems. He will look back only when the real monster faces him.

Nowadays earthquakes and tsunami are becoming common. These and the volcanic eruptions may be the helpless weeping of earth. All these news goes through the mind , ears and eyes of man without making a shock in him. Even then we forget the injuries that we make to this earth and nature.

All living beings have the right to live in their own natural environment. But man has snatched the right of that creatures also. For his selfish life he destroyed all resources. Fortunately UNESCO had came to prevent this exploitation. UNESCO had planned to protect the biodiversity of many many regions. In India also there are a number of protected bioreserves.