Monday, April 25, 2011

Water pollution controlling Green Technology

The Union Minister for Environment Mr.Jairam Ramesh had introduced a new green technology to control the water pollution of Buddah Nallah of Ludhiana.A microbial consortia in the form of green bridges is the idea behind this green technology.
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Fast by student to ban endosulfan

A six day fast was started by a first year degree student to ban endosulfan. Abdul Bais studying for first year BA Mass Communication in Govt. College Kalpatta had started the fast today in front of the Collectorate. The fast was inaugurated by Thorappa Mustafa who is a physically challenged entrepreneur. Bais had started fast after seeing and hearing the poisonous effects of the deadly poison endosulfan in Kasaragod district of Kerala state.

Mr.Bais visited Kasaragod for making a short film on the endosulfan victims. He told that the scenes he witnessed there during this visit was haunting him for a long. So through his fast the student community may awaken to rise protest against this deadly poison endosulfan. Many civil organizations and people had expressed solidarity to the fast started by Bais.

Stockhome convention had started today at Geneva in Switzerland which is expected to ban endosulfan usage globally. India is protesting against the ban saying that it will be harmful to farmers. 70% of the global production and usage of endosulfan is in India and the rest is in Israel and Brazil. The country which started endosulfan production is Germany where it is banned now. Almost all western countries had banned endosulfan usage and India is still on wrong side.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

World Earth Day - April 22

Today is world Earth Day.We are exploiting the nature and its resources through all the ways we can.But we are not thinking about the pain of earth.Just think about yourself.If one cuts your limb how much will be your pain?We are cutting the limbs of earth by demolishing the hills , by cutting down the trees, by filling the fields.Then you may say earth has no life to feel it.Who told?Earth has its own feeligs.

So I request all of you to be friendly with earth.I had started a campaign in my college - My Birthday an earth day.In this earth day you also start some such useful campaigns that makes this earth a greener one.Convey this message to your near and dear.
Together we can make this earth a greener one.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion - What is next ?

The Japan earth quake and tsunami is still creating problems.It hadn't came under control according to the sources of Japan itself.The Fukushima Nuclear plant radiation will be a burning issue for a long time.The people of Japan had asked even the change of Prime Minister on account of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Radio Active Waste - TEPCO apologises

All of us are aware about the Radio Active pollutant that spread into air and water in sea of Japan due to the Japan Earth Quake.Now the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) had apologised for the same. TEPCO is the proprietors of Fukushima nuclear reactor which was severely damaged in the Japan Earth Quake followed by Tsunami.

South Korea had already expressed its anxiety on the Radio Active Pollution.Following this the apologize came from TEPCO. The pumping of water containing the Radio Active pollutant to the sea had stopped. It was due to the strong agitation from people.

The cooling process of the reactor has to be normalised first.It hadn't come under control till now.It is still in dangerous condition.Experts say that more radio active polluted water would have to be pumped to sea in future also.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

World's Longest Underground River

A 153 kilometer underground river has been discovered in Mexico recently.It is believed that this is the longest underground river in the world.British diver Stephen Bogaerts made this discovery with German colleague Robbie Schmittner.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

After effects of Japan Tsunami.

We all had witnessed the earthquake followed by tsunami and its immediate destructive effect that put Japan helpless in front of nature.The Japan tsunami had claimed many lives.The radiations from Fukushima reactor is still not in a safety level.So it is not able to say what will be its future effects.

Between this a news was there that the radiations had affected the sea water.Now after tsunami a mass fish death is observed in California.The reason behind this death is to be discovered.But it is widely accepted as the after effects of Japan Tsunami.