Thursday, May 15, 2008

Victorious Hundred Crore Tree Program.

The program launched by UN to prevent Global Warming namely "One ഹുന്ദ്രേദ് Crore Tree Planting" had proved to be a great success with all support from all over the world.The program aimed to plant one hundred crore trees.But within 18 months of launching the program more than 200 crore trees have been planted, said the Nobel Prize laurate and Kenyan Green Belt Program head Prof:Vangari Mathaayin a press conference.

Due to the high response from all over the world the project had redefined its aim to plant 700 crore trees.Individuals,Government and Non-Government agencies,Different clubs ,Institutions are requested to participate in this program and donate your part.

So come....let us plant at least a tree for nurturing our nature.