Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Forestry Day

Our College NSS Unit observed the World Forestry Day on March 22. Being the NSS Unit Programme Officer I along with the College Physical Education Director Mr.Shafeeque planted an apple tree in the college campus.NSS lady volunteer captain and NSS volunteers were present in the program.Most of the volunteers were in green denominated dress to signify the day.

After planting the tree I delivered a speech on the necessity of the observation of such days.Also I introduced the new campaign "My Birth Day - an Earth Day" among the NSS volunteers.I also requested them to spread the idea wherever possible to make the earth a greener one.

Monday, March 21, 2011

World Water Day - March 22

Today is March 22.It is observed as the World Water Day.That is an international Day for the conservation of water.

Water is the elixir of life. It is told that by 2050 the sources of water in our earth will be reduced to half of present. The next world war will be for the water.

So in this world water day we have to look into ourselves.Are we wasting water?Are our pipes are leaky?Are we took any steps to conserve water?Are we discussed the matter with any other?If not yet , it is the ignorance.So don't be late, act now itself.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Birth Day - an Earth Day

March 21st is the internatioanl day of Social Forestry. In this day I puts forward a new concept - My Birth Day an Earth Day. Being an environmentalist I had started the idea by planting two trees on the birth day of my two children. The pics are below. Please follow the same in all good occations to memorize the days.

Super Moon – Moon’s feast to eye.

The world is now looking to sky to see the extra large moon. Today is the day in which the moon reaches nearest to the earth after 18 years. This phenomenon is called Super Moon. Today the moon will be bigger by 14% than its usual full moon size. It can be seen with our naked eye itself as usual. No telescope or such astronomical equipments required to see it clearly.

But there are some superstitious beliefs also in connection with Super Moon. Some believe that it will invite natural calamities. Some even associate the tsunami and earthquake in Japan to this Super Moon. But it is not at all correct.

Moon revolves round the earth in elliptical orbits. So in some period it comes upto 3.5 lakhs kilometers near to earth and sometimes upto 4 lakhs kilometers away from earth. Mostly the distance is in between these two limits. The moon comes near the earth five or six times in a century. That is Super Moon occurs at some intervals.

This year so far the brightest moon was on January 19. But it was slightly greater in distance and less in size than the Super Moon today. So open your eyes to see the brightest moon of the decade. Definitely the Super Moon will be Moon’s feast to your eye.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eco-friendly cement

Imagine a cement that reduce carbon-dioxide emission by up to 80 percent!If the amount of energy consumed in the production process of this cement loweres by 50 percent how will be it? Mexican Scientists are developing such a new type of cement.

Scientists at the Research and Advanced Studies Centre - or Cinvestav - have been developing several types of cement alternatives for the past 13 years, including one with greater resistance and durability and with less environmental and economic impact.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day 2011


This is the centenery year of International Women's Day. Women had empowered in almost all fields through various activities , continuous demands and constant efforts.

In my state Kerala , the number of women are greater than men. For every 1000 men there is 1012 women according to 2001 census.So ladies are empowered in quantity also.

So in this occation I think the best way to celebrate International Women's Day 2011 is by planting each matured women a tree in their premises or a public area.If the whole woman in the world accept this or at least 50% of the women population accept this our earth will be a greener one within five women's day celebration.

Come on let us try.