Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kadalundi Community Reserve

The Kadalundi estuaryn of Calicut District in Kerala state is the first community reserve of India.It was declared as community reserve recently, but it was noted early in 1980's itself as wintering ground for migratory birds.

About 108 species of birds has been recorded here.Many of them are new additions to Kerala bird list. Species like Bar-tailed Godwit, Grey Plower, Terek Sandpiper etc are recorded sparingly.Obiviously this area has a rich avifauna.

Being community resrve the 150 hectars of estuary area will be protected. It is rich in mangroves also. The project will be governed by Kadalundi and Vallikkunnu Gramapanchayaths, poeple's committee and forest department.The speciality of this community reserve is the participation of people to protect the rare forests and birds.This movement is a very good step in eco-bio conservation.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Try these Methods

If you are a nature lover try these methods in your daily life.

1) In functions like marriage , festivals , anniversaries etc use disposible plates and glasses made of paper only. If possible try banana leaves as plates. If you participate in a function with plastic items on table insist to get a papermade one and express your feeling through it.

2) When you or someone of your relative get hospitalised take a tiffin carrier with you for buying food from outside.Parcelling food makes the hospitals of our city a dumpyard of plastic covers.

3) When you go for shopping take a cotton bag or paper carry bag or a gunny bag with you.

4) If you are a shopkeeper you decide that you will give all things wrapped in paper or in paper covers to your customers.If customer have no paper/gunny bag give one as your gift with an advice to carry it whenever he go for shopping.

5) When you prepare a budget for a function put aside some money to compensate for the hazards that may be made by you to the environment.

6) Make all your actions and celebrations fully ecofriendly.

7) If you own some motorvehicle take it only if necessary.If the distance is walkable , go by foot or take a bicycle.

8) Plant trees when and where possible and preserve it in good condition.

9) Always try to create an ecofriendly mind.

10) Study the environmental problems around you.Find out its causes and agents.Then try to solve the problem in your own ways.

11) Catch the attention of similar minded persons and form groups of nature lovers.

12) Conduct group activities occationally to protect nature and natural resources.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A thought for nature.

"God gave us the gift of life.So live as you like !!!" "The fittest will survive".These were our feelings so far.Environmental problems were thought to be discussed only by educated and wise people.But now even common people realised that the climatic changes at any part of world may affect him also.The tsunami that credited many lives in Kerala and Tamilnadu was actually originated in Indonatia, far far and far away from our Kerala.

Man attacks the environment in many ways.All attacks are for his selfish needs only.Hills get demolished and flattened for building huge complexes or houses. Water resources like lakes and ponds are levelled by soiling and even a mafia culture for sand exploitation from rivers is growing in almost all parts of Kerala.

Plastic is the main threat to our environment today.Eventhough many rules and regulations came banning this plastic, people do not mind it still now. Just look back to our daily life . We can see a lot of incidents of rule violations by ourself .

1) Fish merchant comes daily at our doorstep.We buy some fish.He puts them in a plastic cover.Why don't you bring a pot or a container and put the fish in it instead of that plastic cover? Think.......

2) You goes to market daily and buys different types of things.You buys vegetables from one shop. They put them all in a plastic cover.Then you goes to a stationary shop , buys something.They also put them in a cover and gives you.Then you goes to buy some rice.They first put it in a plastic container and then puts in a plastic cover and gives you!! Now, by a single purchase you received four or more plastic covers!!! If you carry a paper or cotton bag all these plastic covers can be avoided.What is the problem in taking a paper or cotton bag with you while going for shopping?Is it decrease your dignity? Think...........

3) Why can't you ask to wrap the above purchased items in a paper? Will the paper wrapped goods infame your social status?Is going for shopping with a bag in hand ashames you ? Think.....

4) What do you do with all that plastic covers at home? Simply throws out.Then actually what are you doing there? Are you polluting only your surroundings or denying the living right of many other creatures that God created? Think............

So think think and think . Then act appropriately.