Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tokyo Fog

It occured in the capital city of Japan on June 18 , 1970.The fog formed due to some chemical reaction in the atmosphere.The concentration of sulphur dioxide in atmosphere rised upto 0.4ppm.As an immediate effect sulphuric acid formed in atmosphere due to the oxidisation of sulphur dioxide.Over 5000 people were affected by the fog in various ways.

A view of Tokyo Fog

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Los Angeles Smog

This was a tragedy took place in Los Angeles.In a pleasnt day a smog suddenly spread over Los Angeles city .The sudden result was eye itching,loss of sight etc in human beings.Many plants and trees also destroyed in the smog.

Different views of LA Smog

The smog was due to cracking of rubber which is a polymer.It was cracked by the reaction of double bonded Hydrocarbon and Nitrogen Dioxide.This resulted in the formation of peroxy acyl nitrates and ozone.These compounds were very dangerous to plants and trees.

The actual agent of smog was vehicles.The increase in vehicle density had worsed the condition.The partly consumed fuels expelled from vehicles toxicated all living beings including humans.

Monday, January 21, 2008

London Smog

This was a tragedy occured on Dec 4th 1952.A sudden change in climate occured due to an air current tn Themes river valley in London.A heavy current of moderate hot air occured over the cold air.As a result after sunset fog begane to spread over London and temperature fell down.

Poeple were unable to withstand the sudden cold climate.As a usual practice they begane to light up their heaters.The fuel of most of the heaters were coal.As a result dense black smoke begane to rise to atmosphere from thousands of houses.

On next day this smoke , sulphur dioxide , smoke from different factories and various chemical wastes begane to concentrate in atmosphere over London.This dense cover of air prevented sunlight reaching the ground.As a result temperature begane to fall below normal.People begane to shiver in freezing cold and the heaters produced insufficient heat. In blood freezing cold hundreds of poeple died and many got hospitalised.

What actually happened was , when people burned coal first carbon dioxide released.Due to insufficient air circulation carbon monoxide also formed.The sulphur in coal joined with oxygen and formed sulphur dioxide .On entering this to the respiratory system it bagane to make problems.sulphur dioxide again reacted with oxygen and formed sulphur trioxide.Sulphur trioxide combined with water to form sulphuric acid.All these chemicals spread over London City as smog.Transport became dead slow causing more pollution.It increased the suffocation to all living beings and subsequent illness , death etc.A similar smog repeated in 1962 and about 700 people lost their life.
Here is a graph showing the death rate of the victims of 1952 London Smog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bird Survey in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary

Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary is basically an elephant reserve.But in the recent bird survey conducted here two types of vulture groups have been found inhabiting in this sanctuary.They are White backed Vulture and King Vulture.

Vultures are getting extinguished from all places.It is very important that in South India vulture is seen only in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary.Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary has a suitable ecosystem for vultures.

The identification of the bird , Rosy Miniwet for first time in Kerala is a feather in tha cap of this bird survey.Twenty or more new items of birds have been identified in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary during this survey.Blue Eared King fisher,Greenbild Malkosa, Bladbasa , Black Eagle etc are some of them.But no new species have been identified yet.

195 types of birds have been seen so far in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary .Survey is continuing. In last survey 205 types of birds were identified.Some birds have also seen to be reduced in number.

This is the fourth bird survey in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary .The first survey was in 1991.Next in 1996 and the last one in 2001.

Valliyoorkavu - A shelter for Birds.

Valliyoorkavu is a famous temple near Mananthavadi in Wayanad District of Kerala State.The river near the temple and the bamboo bushes on the banks of river are beautiful scene to eyes.

Now it is more attractive and catches the attraction of nature lovers due to some other reason.The bamboo bushes are becoming the shelter places of many kinds of migratory birds.Different kinds of cranes come here for breading.Even syberian Cranes reach in the bushes of Valliyoorkavu.

The migratory birds reach here during October and stay here upto April.Between this they build new nests , lay eggs and give birth to young ones.

The availability of water and convenience in making nests in bamboo bushes are the reason behind the attraction of birds to this area.

But the scene will soon become a memory due to following reasons.

(1) The bamboo bushes get demolished in every year due to flood followed by soil erosion.

(2) Birds are hunted by some people for its meat.

(3) Due to excessive sand mining the river itself is vanishing.

So as a lover of nature all of us should protect this kind of bushes and associated water resources.There by more and more animals and birds will be attracted and it will be a pleasure giving scene to all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


One of the world's best Botanical Garden will be opened for public today at Olavanna near Kozhikkod ( Calicut ), Kerala.

The Malabar Botanical Garden begane to function in 1996.Till yesterday it was opened only for research scholors and students.Now its gates are opening for public also to make the people aware of the necessity of protection and conservation of water plants and water resources.It also aims to notice the biodiversity in our surroundings.

The divesified collection of Water Lillies is the important attraction of this botanical garden.There are seventeen different items of Water Lillies in India and sixteen of them are already present in this beautiful garden.Pigmiya from Shillong is yet to reach.

Another peculiarity of this garden is the diversity of water plants.Over Three hundred rare species of water plants are preserved here.More than Five hundred medicinal plants are also preserved.

Surely the Malabar Botanical Garden will be a feast to the eyes of every nature lover.

(More news will be published soon)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Paining Earth.

Air pollution makes a lot of problems to Human beings. A healthy man inhales about 16Kg of air daily.

Man can live without food for about five weeks and without water for five days. But he can’t live even for five minutes without air. Fresh air is so essential for life on earth.

The air pollution directly affects the lungs. Polluted air is highly harmful to children. In winter season the air pollution results in smog (smoke = fog) formation. Smog is dangerous to all living beings. It also causes motor accidents in high traffic roads.

Water pollution is another pollution created by the hands of man. The main agent of Water pollution is chemicals. Nowadays we use more than 60000 chemicals for different purposes. Out of these the non-biodegradable chemicals are the threat to life on earth.

The coolants from reactors are normally discharged to water. As a result water get heated. This will cause the oxygen to escape from water. Consequently the living beings of water get endangered.

Also the colours used for various purposes in paper mills , coir factories ,leather factories , textile mills etc are discharged to water after use. This also pollutes water seriously.

Soil pollution is another type of pollution. Plastics , crockery , paper ,polythene , automobile parts etc etc are the main objects of soil pollution . About 1000 crore ton solid wastes reach soil yearly!!!

Industrialized countries exploit third world countries by exporting their various types of wastes to these countries. The third world countries import these wastes without recognizing that they are the waste of Industrialized countries.Even our country India also had trapped in this net.

Fluorine is the most poisonous substance affecting the living beings.Chlorine , Argon , Lead etc also cause harm to all living beings.

Sulphur dioxide , Hydrogen Fluoride , Ozone , Hydrogen Chloride , Nitrous Oxide , Nitrogen Dioxide , Ammonia , Hydrogen Sulphide etc affect plants and trees. The disease called necrosis caused by pollution destroys the cells in leaf. Another disease called chlorosis destroy the chlorophyll in leaves and badly affect photosynthesis. Pollution may cause untimingly shedding of leaves.

Thus pollution is storming and all living beings are under its octopus hands. The whole biosphere activities will get upside down due to this pollution. New kinds of environmental problems are arising due to thoughtless activities of man. The nuclear weapons radiate dangerous rays to whole earth.

So it is the duty of new generation to be free themselves from all these activities. We should encourage all activities that nurture our nature and discourage all those destroy our nature.