Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The atmosphere of earth have many layers. One of them called STRATOSPHERE contains OZONE. It is an isotop of oxygen which is very useful to all living beings on earth.The OZONE in atmosphere act as an umbrella.Just like an umbrella protect us from rain and sunlight this OZONE protect all earth from harmful radiations especially ULTRAVIOLET RADIATIONS originating from sun.

But photographs from space reveal a terrible truth. OZONE has a hole just above Antartica! It acquired its ever-biggest size last year, and in this year it is not big as earlier. But unfortunately it appeared earlier than last year. Through this hole UV radiations may come to earth and will make a number of ecological problems. A number of diseases like cateract,skin cancer etc may also result from the exposure to UV radiations. Also crop destruction may occur which ultimately lead to famine.

The OZONE present in atmosphere is very very low compared to other isotopes of oxygen. If we take one crore of air molecules there will be 20 lakhs of oxygen molecules and only 3 molecules of OZONE!!! This very very thin layer of OZONE protects the whole earth from UV radiations !!!

The crack in OZONE umbrella is mainly due to the compound called CHOLORO FLOURO CARBON (CFC). It is released from refrigerators and coolers of our home and industry. UV radiations act on CFC and releases Chlorin. Each Chlorin atom destroys minimum 1 lakh OZONE molecules!!!

As part of MONTREAL TREATY all countries had agreed to cut short the production of CFC . The production and consumption of these chemicals have been reduced. Still OZONE has the threat of destruction since almost all of our home occupy a refrigerator. The electronic waste of these used refrigerators and coolers are also a great headache.

As told the largest crack on OZONE layer is just above Antartica.According to UN , in order to reinstall the state of OZONE layer to the state before 1980 ( A state without crack ) we may have to wait upto 2049 and in Antartica it will be possible only by 2065 provided the pollution rate is cut short.

So before buying a cooler or refrigerator just think a moment – whether it is for use or as status symbol. Also think about an alternate method for the same. Thus we all together may make an effort to protect OZONE and thereby our earth and its countless living beings.


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Timely article on the Ozone

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