Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Global Warming melts Hills of Sikkim

A British team that conducted an expedition to Gokhala Green lake of Sikkim (A North Indian state) had reporteda stunning news to world - The snowy hills of Northern Sikkim is found to be melting for years due to Global Warming.

The team reported that the hills like Tsemu,Thonksong and Taloong had been getting morphed forthe last 80 years.The team compared the file photoes of an expedition to Taloong hill conducted in 1930 with the present one.It is found that the hill had shortened about 70 meters down within 80 years!!!

There was a snowy layer connecting the Thonksong and Taloong.Due to Global Warming this connection has been lost.The old pictures of these hills reveal that once all of them were connected.This points to the future threat of Global Warming.Industrialisation and Tourism development activities also had added momentum to this problem.

The Science and Technology Department has been observing the phenomenon through remot sensing with the help of satellites.Sikkim Government had posted a commission to study the problem with Prof: Syed Iqbal Hasnain as its head.

Over 75 snowy hills are there in Sikkim.The melting of hills had caused to low down the water level of rivers like Teesta and Ramgith.


Anonymous said...

Abid, that is acually scary!

SolReka said...

Perhaps it is simply part of the natural cycle of mother Earth, and has nothing to do with Global Warming.

Some food for thought.

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Why did you start a blog like this? to put the same in ur dash board?

Come on man!

BTW, i have started soemthing serious.. a site for the area am in to..


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helloo y dont u post new matters