Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day - A thought after 50 years.

Here is a narration of story that may take place after 50 years in this earth.On this World Water Day read it carefully.

My name is Water.My parents put this name to me in calculation that it will be a strange name and strange substance on one day.And that day had came.Today it is 2060 March 22, another World Water Day.

On this day there is no water in earth.I am only 60 tears old now.But you will not believe me .You will say that I had hit a century and still not out as a burden to earth.

When I was 10 years old this day was celebrated in my school.I still remember that day.My headmaster asked me to write an article on this and to put it in School's blog.I wrote it and it got a lot of appreciations from all over the world.In that days I used to bath in ponds in my house.Also there was a river near to my house where also I used to bath at evening.The fresh flowing water of river and cool water of pond were some magnificient scene.

There were a lot of ponds and wells near to my house.People were happy to share water with those poor people who had no wells and ponds.At evening all went to bath in river and to enjoy the breeze.The path to river and all roadsides were full of trees with high canopy.

Ladies used to bath oiling their long hairs and cleaning it with leaves and flowers of shoe flower.People used to bath twice daily.All the houses were adorned with flowering plants and leafy plants.I used to water them daily.All this was the story of fifty years back.And today the story is too worse.I wish to share it also here.

I hadn't bathed for about five years now.I just took an oil bath.You know what is it? A piece of cloth will be socked with oil and it will be rubbed all over the body.Both my kidneys are going to fail due to lack of water drinking and I will become a memory soon.

Today ladies have no long hairs.They can be seen only in old photos.All are like bald headed now irrespective of male and female.Due to scarcity of water it is impossible to clean head and hairs.So the only way is to shave it fully.So all adopt this method.

 You will wonder to know that only some countries have water deposits now .They had put a large amount in their budget for protecting it and the country also.The waterless countries are constantly threatening them about an attack to get water from there.Around a pond or well about 50 soldiers are constantly rounding with most modern arms.

I was asked to drink 8 glasses of water daily.Now I am not allowed to drink more than half a cup of water.Hence my skin had turned dry and scaly.Almost all are suffering from skin diseases.There is no solution for this.Being treeless areas there is no shade, no oxygen and no fruits.The average life span of human had shortened to 40 years.Living 40 years is too much difficult also.

What to do now?I had no idea.Water cannot be synthesised in laboratories.Can you see a heap there ?It was the river that I mentioned earlier.All the warnings were given in my childhood days.But we didn't care.Now the only way is to experience it.On next World Water Day I may not be here to put such a post.

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Areekkodan | അരീക്കോടന്‍ said...

What to do now?I had no idea.All the warnings were given in my childhood days.But we didn't care.Now the only way is to experience it.On next World Water Day I may not be here to put such a post.