Monday, May 17, 2010

Action plan to exploit new and renewable energy

An action plan has been chartered out for exploiting new and renewable energy resources in my state Kerala. The action plan was worked out in an inter ministerial meeting on the activities of the ANERT ( Agency for Non Conventional Energy and Rural Technology). This was worked out due to the delay in setting up a centre for capacity building in new and renewable energy and Conservation Society (C-CNREC).

As a flagship project for coordinating the projects the total energy security mission was established. Many proposals for biomass gasifiers have been put forwarded by ANERT. The 20.61 Mega Watt Projects are with the support of both World Institute of Sustainable Energy and Energy Resources Institute.

The central government had offered financial support for establishing the corporate structures for public – private partnerships. As a first step a company namely Kerala Renewable Energy Company Pvt Ltd is proposed to set up. The district panchayaths and corporations will be involved in the proposed company. But the movement is with snail’s pace.

The company will have a paid up capital of Rs 10 crore and an authorized capital of Rs 50 Crore. Out of these ANERT will have 50% equity share while district panchayaths and corporations will share the remaining 50% . The latter share contribution will be met from the funds already deposited with the agency.

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