Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Environment Day.

Today is World Environmental day. Almost all the people in the world have a thought on environment on this day. And this thought is found to be active only on this day which is the tragedy that our country face.

On this environment day many organizations organize different types of activities. Earlier it was seminars , speeches and debates conducted. Now the style had changed. Most of the organizations plant trees in their premises or in public places. In my state Kerala a project named “My Tree” is launched in 2007 and is continuing. Under this project each school student is given a tree to plant in his home. He has to look after it. It will be assessed annually by a team appointed by school authority. According to the growth of the tree he will be given grace marks in Exam!!! The same project had extended to colleges also with the name “Our Tree”. Kerala received Indiragandhi Vrikshamitra Award for this project.

Unfortunately most of the students does not care on the tree planted after this day. He remembers it just on coming the next June 5th. It means that these activities are carried out due to an external pressure , not due to his innate intension. This attitude is to be changed first. If one does some activities to save his environment for his and future generation’s benefit it should come from his deep mind. It should not be a forced action. It should not be for marks.

Today also many organizations would have planted a lot of trees all over the world. Still the global warming threat is hanging over our head. So I think not only on June 5th every year but also on all good occations like Birthday, marriage anniversary etc in our family we have to plant a tree in memorium to it and make this world a forest of good memories.Please try to spread this message as far as possible.

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