Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big B for Save Our Tigers Campaign

Tiger is the National animal of India.But the sensational news is that it is on the brim of extinction.Yes, tiger had become an endangered species in India.At this last hour the Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan had announced that he would lend his face and voice to the cause of saving the majestic tiger from becoming extinct. Mr. Bachchan is the ambassador of “Save Our Tigers” campaign initiated by NDTV and Aircel. He will use his popularity to drive home the message to save the tiger.

Mr. Bachchan said the tiger symbolize our country's wildlife wealth which is in danger because of illegal hunting and ineffectiveness of our systems to stop its killing: Hence a collective action is the need of the hour. It is not only for the government and wildlife experts but to keep our nation’s pride symbol. So it is our responsibility to not only initiate a public movement but also to ensure that it gains momentum across the nation.

“If my face and voice can be used to impress people about a national cause then I am all for it. I liked the fact that the electronic media has started this campaign as its penetration is more. It was important that awareness to save this beautiful animal was propagated across our country” Mr Bachchan said at a press conference in New Delhi on the occasion of NDTV – Aircel campaign starting. “We should leave the tiger alone so that it doesn't feel entrenched. In the coming months if I can convince even one person about the need to follow this righteous path then I will be extremely happy. As artistes our faces are used to endorse products that attract consumers and if they can be converted into a national cause then I will be the extremely gratified” Mr. Bachchan added.

“Two years ago we were the first ones to draw the attention of citizens and the government to the rapid decline of tiger population in India. Our signature campaign ‘Save the Tiger' led to the formation of Special Tiger Protection Force by the Prime Minister” Dr. Roy ,the NDTV Director said.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India secretary-general and CEO Ravi Singh said the campaign was mainly focused in creating awareness about the present status of tigers in India. For this, hitting stories and documentaries on the threats and issues concerning the survival of tigers will be screened before public. There will also be a live non-stop programming for a day. It will disseminate facts about tigers with the objective of creating a public outcry. It may also help to raise funds for protecting the tigers from disappearing from their traditional homeland.

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