Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon – Moon’s feast to eye.

The world is now looking to sky to see the extra large moon. Today is the day in which the moon reaches nearest to the earth after 18 years. This phenomenon is called Super Moon. Today the moon will be bigger by 14% than its usual full moon size. It can be seen with our naked eye itself as usual. No telescope or such astronomical equipments required to see it clearly.

But there are some superstitious beliefs also in connection with Super Moon. Some believe that it will invite natural calamities. Some even associate the tsunami and earthquake in Japan to this Super Moon. But it is not at all correct.

Moon revolves round the earth in elliptical orbits. So in some period it comes upto 3.5 lakhs kilometers near to earth and sometimes upto 4 lakhs kilometers away from earth. Mostly the distance is in between these two limits. The moon comes near the earth five or six times in a century. That is Super Moon occurs at some intervals.

This year so far the brightest moon was on January 19. But it was slightly greater in distance and less in size than the Super Moon today. So open your eyes to see the brightest moon of the decade. Definitely the Super Moon will be Moon’s feast to your eye.

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