Monday, April 25, 2011

Fast by student to ban endosulfan

A six day fast was started by a first year degree student to ban endosulfan. Abdul Bais studying for first year BA Mass Communication in Govt. College Kalpatta had started the fast today in front of the Collectorate. The fast was inaugurated by Thorappa Mustafa who is a physically challenged entrepreneur. Bais had started fast after seeing and hearing the poisonous effects of the deadly poison endosulfan in Kasaragod district of Kerala state.

Mr.Bais visited Kasaragod for making a short film on the endosulfan victims. He told that the scenes he witnessed there during this visit was haunting him for a long. So through his fast the student community may awaken to rise protest against this deadly poison endosulfan. Many civil organizations and people had expressed solidarity to the fast started by Bais.

Stockhome convention had started today at Geneva in Switzerland which is expected to ban endosulfan usage globally. India is protesting against the ban saying that it will be harmful to farmers. 70% of the global production and usage of endosulfan is in India and the rest is in Israel and Brazil. The country which started endosulfan production is Germany where it is banned now. Almost all western countries had banned endosulfan usage and India is still on wrong side.

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