Monday, January 7, 2008

Paining Earth.

Air pollution makes a lot of problems to Human beings. A healthy man inhales about 16Kg of air daily.

Man can live without food for about five weeks and without water for five days. But he can’t live even for five minutes without air. Fresh air is so essential for life on earth.

The air pollution directly affects the lungs. Polluted air is highly harmful to children. In winter season the air pollution results in smog (smoke = fog) formation. Smog is dangerous to all living beings. It also causes motor accidents in high traffic roads.

Water pollution is another pollution created by the hands of man. The main agent of Water pollution is chemicals. Nowadays we use more than 60000 chemicals for different purposes. Out of these the non-biodegradable chemicals are the threat to life on earth.

The coolants from reactors are normally discharged to water. As a result water get heated. This will cause the oxygen to escape from water. Consequently the living beings of water get endangered.

Also the colours used for various purposes in paper mills , coir factories ,leather factories , textile mills etc are discharged to water after use. This also pollutes water seriously.

Soil pollution is another type of pollution. Plastics , crockery , paper ,polythene , automobile parts etc etc are the main objects of soil pollution . About 1000 crore ton solid wastes reach soil yearly!!!

Industrialized countries exploit third world countries by exporting their various types of wastes to these countries. The third world countries import these wastes without recognizing that they are the waste of Industrialized countries.Even our country India also had trapped in this net.

Fluorine is the most poisonous substance affecting the living beings.Chlorine , Argon , Lead etc also cause harm to all living beings.

Sulphur dioxide , Hydrogen Fluoride , Ozone , Hydrogen Chloride , Nitrous Oxide , Nitrogen Dioxide , Ammonia , Hydrogen Sulphide etc affect plants and trees. The disease called necrosis caused by pollution destroys the cells in leaf. Another disease called chlorosis destroy the chlorophyll in leaves and badly affect photosynthesis. Pollution may cause untimingly shedding of leaves.

Thus pollution is storming and all living beings are under its octopus hands. The whole biosphere activities will get upside down due to this pollution. New kinds of environmental problems are arising due to thoughtless activities of man. The nuclear weapons radiate dangerous rays to whole earth.

So it is the duty of new generation to be free themselves from all these activities. We should encourage all activities that nurture our nature and discourage all those destroy our nature.

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