Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Valliyoorkavu - A shelter for Birds.

Valliyoorkavu is a famous temple near Mananthavadi in Wayanad District of Kerala State.The river near the temple and the bamboo bushes on the banks of river are beautiful scene to eyes.

Now it is more attractive and catches the attraction of nature lovers due to some other reason.The bamboo bushes are becoming the shelter places of many kinds of migratory birds.Different kinds of cranes come here for breading.Even syberian Cranes reach in the bushes of Valliyoorkavu.

The migratory birds reach here during October and stay here upto April.Between this they build new nests , lay eggs and give birth to young ones.

The availability of water and convenience in making nests in bamboo bushes are the reason behind the attraction of birds to this area.

But the scene will soon become a memory due to following reasons.

(1) The bamboo bushes get demolished in every year due to flood followed by soil erosion.

(2) Birds are hunted by some people for its meat.

(3) Due to excessive sand mining the river itself is vanishing.

So as a lover of nature all of us should protect this kind of bushes and associated water resources.There by more and more animals and birds will be attracted and it will be a pleasure giving scene to all.

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