Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bird Survey in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary

Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary is basically an elephant reserve.But in the recent bird survey conducted here two types of vulture groups have been found inhabiting in this sanctuary.They are White backed Vulture and King Vulture.

Vultures are getting extinguished from all places.It is very important that in South India vulture is seen only in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary.Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary has a suitable ecosystem for vultures.

The identification of the bird , Rosy Miniwet for first time in Kerala is a feather in tha cap of this bird survey.Twenty or more new items of birds have been identified in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary during this survey.Blue Eared King fisher,Greenbild Malkosa, Bladbasa , Black Eagle etc are some of them.But no new species have been identified yet.

195 types of birds have been seen so far in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary .Survey is continuing. In last survey 205 types of birds were identified.Some birds have also seen to be reduced in number.

This is the fourth bird survey in Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary .The first survey was in 1991.Next in 1996 and the last one in 2001.

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