Tuesday, January 8, 2008


One of the world's best Botanical Garden will be opened for public today at Olavanna near Kozhikkod ( Calicut ), Kerala.

The Malabar Botanical Garden begane to function in 1996.Till yesterday it was opened only for research scholors and students.Now its gates are opening for public also to make the people aware of the necessity of protection and conservation of water plants and water resources.It also aims to notice the biodiversity in our surroundings.

The divesified collection of Water Lillies is the important attraction of this botanical garden.There are seventeen different items of Water Lillies in India and sixteen of them are already present in this beautiful garden.Pigmiya from Shillong is yet to reach.

Another peculiarity of this garden is the diversity of water plants.Over Three hundred rare species of water plants are preserved here.More than Five hundred medicinal plants are also preserved.

Surely the Malabar Botanical Garden will be a feast to the eyes of every nature lover.

(More news will be published soon)

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